Friday, August 17, 2007

Initial Visit with Occupational Therapist

My first initial visit was depressing... Or you could call it a rude awakening. I have only a grip strenth of 65 pounds in my hands, which does not even register on the chart of percentiles. My goal is to next week be at least 10% what a normal 41 year old male should have ( 130 lbs.) grip strength and I have only about 10 lbs. To 13 lbs. pinch strength between my thumb and fingers, which should be in the 30 lb range.

I have many exercises and techniques to work on and I’ll be seeing the therapist twice weekly for how long... I don’t know.

Exercises include balance techniques, strength increasers and sensory techniques. I haven’t picked up my guitar in weeks but she suggested that I might want to do that because my brain is used to doing that exercise with my fingers, but I’m almost scared to. Talk about frustrating!

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