Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What is Devic's Syndrome?

Although this isn't what I have (as of now), this is just a description of the NMO Disease (also called Devic's Syndrome) Devic's syndrome is a rare autoimmune central nervous system disorder characterized by transverse myelitis (in which the fatty, protective covering of the spinal cord breaks down) and optic neuritis (in which inflammation of the optic nerve causes loss of vision and eye pain).]. It is considered a special form of multiple sclerosis (MS) with a severe and rapid course. The disorder affects the optic nerve and the nerves in the spinal cord. In Devic's syndrome, the fatty sheath that protects these nerves is lost. Individuals may experience vision impairment and various degrees of paralysis, as well as incontinence. The disorder is closely linked with MS and lupus, but usually appears before any symptoms of MS are noted. If an isolated disease episode affecting the spinal cord and optic nerve occurs after an infection or common cold, it is considered a post-infectious acute demyelinated encephalomyelitis (ADE) rather than Devic's syndrome.


Tim 757-369-8694 said...

Hi Jeff,
Most new information indicates that Devic's is not related to MS at all. Here is a link to my devic's support group in case your interested.

nunney said...

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