Friday, August 17, 2007

Updates from 8-11-07 to 8-16-07

My doc referred me to the U. of M., for the specialists to examine me... we'll be making a road trip soon!

8/11/07-Just waiting to hear on a date...
Not much change.
Because of my inability to type well, I am trying a speech recognition software on my computer.The software program requires training. It will recognize my voice, and speaking is easier than typing at this point. I hope it works and it will allow me to work even more efficiently than I had before.

8-12-07-This morning is definitely better (10-15%); the swelling (from taking steroids) in my feet has not been as bad and I am slowly but surely retaining some of my senses in my feet. Although balance is still sometimes an issue, stretching my legs has helped improved my gate. My hands are still not doing well, but time will tell. My core area hasn't changed.
8/13/07- Last night I drove my truck for the first time in fifteen days. I’m still waiting to hear if my health insurance company will approve my trip to the university of Michigan. Hopefully, I will be able to still get in this week sometime.
8/16/07- Well, I finally got word from the U of M that I will go this Monday for a consult. I also called John's Hopkins, but no response yet.
No improvement in my hands, but there is sllloooowww improvement in my legs... I drove my truck this week and was able to drive myself into work this week and am trying to catch up on several projects. Thank you tto all that have given me support, prayers and encouragement!
I'm working on a blog for more communicating between you all!
I'm tapering down on the steroids, and almost through with them. :)

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